IvyOnline Talk is a Social network platform created specifically for staff, students and graduates from the Boston group.


The platform is a community which provides:

  • An opportunity for Graduates from the last thirty years to network for business and employment  opportunities
  • Current students to be able to network with past graduates, many of whom are extremely successful in their respective fields. This will provide opportunities for coaching, mentorship, internships and motivation.
  • Graduates and students to be able to further their studies through being able to listen to our ‘on the go’ Boston Connect short courses, or our CAPS and Cambridge school subjects. These courses have been designed in order to assist with a changing work-place environment
  •  A platform to share what has been learnt within these courses, challenge thoughts, ask questions,  debate, discuss and assist one another. Furthermore, it provides students with an opportunity to hear first hand from successful graduates within the different industries.
  • The ability for students from the over 45 campuses,  and distance learning students, to be able to socialise and assist one another with their work, questions, opportunities and exciting ideas.